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Powerforms Earth Element,Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Astrology Sign, Feng Shui, Chinese Oriental Medicine, Light Body Exploration, Geometric Copper Antenna, Divine Essence Disk

Powerforms Earth Element

Powerforms Earth Element Balancing for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Astrology Sign, Feng Shui, Chinese Oriental Medicine, Light Body Exploration, Geometric Copper Antenna Divine Essence Disk 3" Dia

  • ✔ QUICKLY BALANCE YOUR PERSONAL ASTROLOGY AND FENG SHUI ELEMENTS – within yourself, between you and the Universal Earth Element in your astrology sign & chart and in your feng shui home & bedroom ~ Be more earthy and vital, the quality linked with the root (first) chakra. Activate the Earth element within yourself and discover a deep, focused alignment between your body and mind ~ Re-discover the empowering connection with the essential elements the subtle healing energies of earth
  • ✔ SUPPORTS – The Earth element helps you cultivate the deep calm feeling that you are safe, and at one with the planet’s deep presence ~ Experience the nourishing feeling of oneness with the physical world ~ consciously observe the world around you, without feeling so overly sensitive, so distracted and more at peace ~ Chinese Medicine
  • ✔ BENEFITS – Without the stabilizing Earth influence, your mind becomes distracted and influenced by the noisy overwhelming thoughts from other people. Your Earth awareness helps your mind be more stable, because when your mind is protected by your body’s stable presence, your mind can finally relax ~ Discover that the physical world is something that you can feel safe with ~ Experience the essential energies and elements of this planet ~ Sense the greater universe in which our planet exists
  • ✔ MUST HAVE ACTIVATION TOOL – When you’re aligned with the Earth level of reality, you look at a situation, and you perceive it from a stable, sensible perspective ~ become more centered, more responsible, and more realistic in your way of being with people and being more level-headed in your daily life ~ ground yourself in the stabilizing power of your physical body ~ experience the solid sense that you are real, and that you can be secure in your body ~ appreciate your own physical & light body
  • ✔ ENHANCES - The Powerforms Earth element helps you feel a sense of quiet inner peace, even if there are challenges around you in your life, to transcend the distracted nervous thoughts and feelings that rattle you ~ discover the reasonable, balanced energy that helps you address situations with grounded grace and ease on this Earth plane ~ Let the deep essence energies of this planet nourish you and stabilize your energies ~ Instruction book included
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Viewing 9 topics - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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