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Powerforms are unique products that produce unique experiences for each individual.  However, there are modalities that connect users together.  Existing systems like massage, reiki, chiropractic, or energy workers can benefit from the addition of the Powerforms disks.  This is the place where you can find your tribe, learn, share and explore experiences and expand your abilities and services. As a massage therapist, you may find that placing a neutral space place on your table at the root chakra may help your client feel safer and open to relaxing.  A Chiropractor might find that using the Super Cell Plate to move energy out of a blocked area prior to a difficult manipulation beneficial. Or an energy worker might use the Portal Plate on a client's 3rd eye to open up their connection to Source. There is a thread in your modality that ties you all together the commonality of why you do what you do.  These examples are just a few in how sharing your experiences and creativity in using the Powerforms can now benefit the whole. This social platform is for you.  To enhance and expand your modalities power, strength and success.  So join one of our existing groups and start connecting and sharing or start a new group for your own special modality.  
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