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Thomas Cowan, MD – Corona caused by 5G:

Although 5G is more toxic to the human body and mind than 4G wifi transmission, it’s still best to avoid 4G as much as possible. When Dr. Cowan suggests that 5G is associated with disease, he doesn’t mean that wifi transmissions directly cause disease. Rather, wifi – 4G and 5G – weaken the cells of the body so that the immune system becomes weaker, and more open to disease.

Your job is to strengthen your immune system, and this means that you support yourself with things that are good and avoid things that are bad.

You support your immune system when you choose organic food and natural supplements. You strengthen your immune system when you use daily meditation or prayer, you confront blocked emotions and gently release them, you give your body daily exercise – which could be as simple as walking – and you follow energy balancing practices. Powerforms energy tools help you with smoothing and soothing your energy so that stress doesn’t build up in your body and mind.