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Shifting Your Subtle Energy

The Powerforms experience helps you release inappropriate energies and influences that are controlling you, your decisions, and your life, helping you discover that you are actually part of the energy fabric of reality – you aren’t separate from it. You can benefit from being in harmony with the universe, and it feels really good, too – a deeper feeling of inner peace and aliveness. You discover how to align with your true essence. You might know your true essence as your higher mind – your soul wisdom – your heart of hearts – your universal or divine connection.

You find that you can peel off the old layers that block you at all levels, whether from negative life experiences, from society’s limiting understandings of reality, or from your own limiting expectations.

You have the right ingredients within you to help yourself thrive and move forward with greater ease, just as a farmer selects just the right ingredients to prepare the soil to nourish the seed to produce an abundant crop.

You can create greater stability and harmony within yourself, in the same way, that an architect does proper planning of material selection and construction to ensure the stability and endurance of every structure.

The Law of Attraction is a good example of using subtle energy.  Some have success with it and that is why it seems so appealing. However, most don’t have success because they don’t have the skills to change their deeply entrenched negative energy patterns, and they are unwilling to do the real-world work required to express their energetic potential on a daily basis. Imagine the possibilities when you discover how simple and easy it is to shift blocked energy patterns.

Why is Subtle Energy important in my life?

Everything is energy and energy is in everything – it is the structure and fabric of your life. This sea of universal energy is alive in the sense that it is always vibrating and changing. These vibrations are what the things and the activities in your reality are made of. Although you can’t see this subtle energy, you can sense it within you and all around you. Here’s why you want to use Powerforms to help balance your subtle energy:

  • The success and wellness of any structure, life, or circumstance is based upon the underlying blueprint of subtle energy (the “first cause”).
  • Is your energy out of balance – or is it in harmony? You do have a choice – you can discover ways to move towards deeper harmony in each moment.
  • Every event in your life: a disagreement, a new job, your relationships, your home – everything is an expression of deeper subtle energy patterns. You are creating harmony or disharmony in every moment, whether consciously or unconsciously.
  • When you choose to live life more consciously you can co-create a better life for yourself – and for those you care most about.

How is my Subtle Energy created?

You are born with a subtle energy field that you bring with you to this life – many people know it as the aura. Then your parents and siblings program the next level of your subtle energy.  When you go to school your teachers and friends add another layer of patterns to your subtle energy field.  As you grow you are again influenced by acquaintances and society.  Your experiences, successes, and failures keep adding to your subtle energy field as patterns that help you or limit you.  You think that you are and have been in charge, and to some extent you are. But the thoughts and programs of others have also been co-creating your subtle energy field.

Can I shift or change my Subtle Energy?

You can be your own energy healer. You can be a kind and caring coach for yourself. It’s easier than you think because the ability is already within you. You’ve just needed ways to access your potential without the blocks and limitations. Whether you’re wanting to feel inner harmony, access your higher potential, or release stuck thoughts and feelings, the shifts can happen and you can discover how to participate in your own empowerment.

Every thought and action creates and implements subtle energy shifts – for better or worse.  What you choose to think about, focus on, and take action on creates and shapes your life. Powerforms subtle energy tools make it easier. The Powerforms help filter out unbalanced energies. This helps you feel the natural empowering harmony that flows between your body, heart, mind, and soul – and helps you feel the natural harmony between you and the infinite universe.

Each person consciously and unconsciously decides their intent in every relationship and then decides in each and every moment to fulfill that intent. This means that you have a choice, and this realization is key to your empowerment. You can be your own energy healer, your own coach, and your own creative insightful friend – all in harmony with universal divine higher wisdom.

This is all easier than you may suppose. It is the small decisions that you make – in each moment – that create, for example, a successful relationship.  Your life is like the structure of a garden, and the structure of a relationship is of your making – you’re helping it thrive each day.

You are the master gardener, the master architect – in co-creation with the universe – of what your life becomes. The little things you do each day allow this to happen. You are becoming your own energy worker. You are gently making easy-to-do shifts each day.

The unseen forces of universal subtle energy are your tools, and with Powerforms you can discover how to sense and work with these cosmic forces.   Today you are the sum total of your past, your beliefs, and your choices. And the gentle shifts that you made today grow beautifully in your tomorrow.

What you are is what you have been.  What you will be is what you do now


You have two simple choices – will you be defined by your circumstances, or will you consciously define your circumstances by shifting your negative patterns and stuck limiting energies? Change is doable because of the little shifts that help harmonize the “fabric of reality” help smooth the rough edges in your life so that you can move forward each day.

How Can Powerforms Help me?

 The Powerforms experience helps you shift the subtle energy patterns that are buried deep in the unconscious.  It is like an anti-virus program for stuck, negative, and inappropriate patterns in the subconscious.  It can help you re-program the unconscious patterns that come from your past lives, ancestral DNA patterns, and traumatic events of this life.

  • What if you had a way to sense energy more easily?

 You’d feel more in control, and you’d feel less anxious about what is happening.

  • What if you had a way to feel your soul essence more easily?

You’d feel more connected to a deeper, meaningful, harmonious essence of your true self.

  • What if you had a way to release blocks more easily?

You’d be less afraid of yourself and of the world. You’d define yourself by your potential, rather than by your past limitations.

  • What if you had a way to feel your harmonious alignment with universal intelligence more easily?

 You’d feel a deeper sense of spiritual security, and you’d know that you are a vital part of an infinite, loving, divine universe.

Now is your moment of energy-healing power. Seize the day – the only thing you have to lose is your old stuck energy patterns!


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